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Arek Skolik & His Men/w Violin Quartet

12on14 Jazz Club

Arek Skolik, Wojciech Pruszyński, Robert Chyła, Piotr Stepek                                          
String Quartet: Michał Kubica, Jan Turkiewicz, Klaudia Boksa, Maciej Kasprów

Guest: Kacper Skolik  

Arek Skolik drummer belongs to a group of musicians who do not try to be innovative at any price, he rather dares to face decades of tradition, trying to incorporate his musical temperament into it. The list of musicians he collaborated with is impressive.                                                                                                                          

12on14 Jazz Club – a place of daily meetings of jazz-lovers, presenting an original repertoire of the most outstanding achievements of Polish, European and world’s improvised music. It is a family enterprise focused on the fair promotion of Polish jazz and relating to the recognition of the role that jazz has in the continual process of creating of Polish culture.


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